A bit about me...

An aspiring product manager, two-times entrepreneur, a web developer, and a freelance writer.

I'm currently majoring in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus with a minor in General Finance. Right now, I'm trying to build Netsips, my second startup, where I'm involved in everything including developing the plug-in, building the UI/UX wireframes, and running marketing campaigns on social media channels.

I have spent the better part of my college life outside of classrooms, dabbling with interests, technology, making & breaking stuff, freelancing, and figuring out myself.

In my spare time, you can find me tinkering with web technologies or reading up on astronomy.

What I have been up to...

Joined ANS Commerce as a product intern

Pursuing a semester long internship as a part of my academic curriculum at BITS Pilani

Launched Netsips Android App

Finally launched the revamped version of Netsips mobile app with an enhanched purple themed UI, improved UX, and added functionality. Kudos to the team :D

Entered Conquest, BITS Pilani

Adjugded one of the top 50 startups out of 3000 startups which participated. Had an amazing session with the mentors and received invaluable feedback on our product and business model.

Started my Dev.to blog

Will write about my experiences as a self-taught web developer, latest trends in the dev world, and instructional posts

Launched Netsips Chrome Extension

Sure took a while but the extension is finally here! Had so many 'first time' moments from developing a browser plugin, integrating backend, doing usability research, and working with UI & UX. Steepest learning curve I have ever had.

Participated in Ground Reality, B-Plan competition of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus 2019 edition

Reached the finals of the competition with my idea of a hyperlocal ecommerce platform

Medical Image Processing

Developed prototype software to analyse bacterial growth under the influence of antibiotics by using the images of the sample taken using smartphone camera. Worked with image processing and data analytics.

Freelance writing

Worked as a freelance writer and wrote on multiple niches for social media marketing, blogs, newsletters, and marketing emails.

Get In Touch

I'm always up for a fun conversation!